Intuitive Eating with Tyler Rolling, MS, RD

The Food-Body-Soul champion is an anti-diet dietitian

I really believe in the power intuitive eating and have seen its positive effects in my life. I have had the pleasure to connect with Tyler Rolling, who works as a dietitian in San Diego, California.

Earlier this year, Tyler put together an online Food-Body-Soul wellness retreat that I participated in. She also consistently posts about food freedom and shares awesome dancing tik toks!

Intuitive eating really means that you’re listening to your body when you decide what you want to eat. Unlike “diets”, you follow the natural signals and cravings. It’s funny how our bodies know exactly what they need!

From Tyler:

Can I be real with you?⠀

Diet culture isn’t just about “being on a diet.” ⠀

Diet culture is the noise that surrounds us, telling us what we should or should not be eating and the way we should look. ⠀

It can lead to feelings of guilt and shame if we don’t eat the “right” foods or fit the “thin ideal.”⠀

Not long ago, I myself was deeply entrenched in diet culture. ⠀

During my early twenties, I was plagued with anxiety around what foods to eat and the way I looked. ⠀

In fact, this diet and weight obsessed mindset was a major reason I decided to study nutrition and become a registered dietitian (RD). ⠀

Ironically enough, it wasn’t until I began practicing as a RD, that I realized how much damage diet culture can create.⠀

“As a dietitian, people continue to ask me about the latest fad diets – whether it’s paleo, intermittent fasting or IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros). ⠀

Sure, I could tell them the “perfect” ratio of macronutrients or how to “perfectly” time their meals, but I’ve come to understand, that’s not what it’s about. ⠀

Underlying each of these questions is a distance from their inner wisdom – the inner wisdom we have lost touch with by submitting to a set of beliefs anchored in control, fear and shame.⠀

There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn more about nutrition and different ways of eating, but before diving in, we must ask ourselves, why? ⠀

Is it due to judgement from others or societal pressure to look a certain way? ⠀

Instead of seeing food and nutrition as a definite answer, what if we looked at it as a physical and emotional experience of how one relates to the body and food — a continuous journey back to our inner wisdom that is rooted in intuition.⠀

Intuitive Eating is not a linear process and nor is it a means to an end. ⠀

Rather, it is an ever-evolving discovery of the self that begins by letting go of control and listening to your body.
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Tyler Rolling MS, RD
Registered Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Founder of the FOOD, BODY & SOUL Academy

Helping brave women overcome perfectionism with food & their bodies, so they can live a vibrant life, purposeful life


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