Domestic Violence Awareness Month

This October, we want to raise awareness about an important issue facing our society

As some of you may know, I am extremely passionate about ending the cycle of domestic violence within a generation. During my law school experience, I had the opportunity to work on a task force that addressed domestic and sexual violence. I believe that when women flourish, all of society also flourishes. Thus, the work that we do on ourselves – to unlearn a lifetime of toxicity – is so important and can unleash our potential.

During times of stress, as we are now experiencing, domestic violence is often on the rise. DV is centered around power and control and can take many forms, as indicated below.

Power and Control Wheel | Ocala Domestic Violence Center

The results of experiencing domestic violence can be physical, mental, and spiritual. This can include death, traumatic brain injuries, chronic pain, PTSD, and loss of faith.

Based on my review of cases, which often included the same couples, I identified factors that contribute to violent and volatile relationships, such as:

  • Age: a younger male and older female
  • Race: cultural norms passed intergenerationally
  • Employment Status: difficult financial periods
  • Drug Abuse: alcohol, meth, cocaine, nicotine, pills
  • Prior Trauma: child abuse, sexual abuse, trafficking

Relationships should positively add to our lives. They can and should provide us with opportunities to love and grow.

If you, or anyone you know, needs to leave a relationship – there are really great resources that can be found at

National Domestic Violence Hotline 1.800.799.SAFE (7233)

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