The Power of Fellowship

Wherever two or three gather…

Being that I still consider myself a new believer, fellowship has been difficult for me to establish. I visit numerous churches and haven’t joined a small group. My sister in Christ, Nicole, who I actually knew before coming back to the fold, was recently telling me about how she was looking to be more involved in the church, as well.

For those who are shy, or just not ready to take things to the next level, finding just one friend at church can make a huge difference. You’ll have someone to sit next to during service, and you can stay updated on each other’s lives.

The text pictured above is one illustration of how this relationship has been such a light to my life. Before I decided to give my life to God, I really didn’t have any people I could talk to about spirituality. The majority of my friendships in law school were centered around partying and that was my world. Luckily, God brings just the right people into your life- just when you need them.

Who’s in your corner? During some of the lowest points in my life, I felt that I had no support. However, feeling alone in this world allows you to truly be the most secure through fully leaning on the power of God. The thing about the Lord is that He is always in your corner – and, He is all powerful and has already won the war!

Who’s in your circle? Do the people around you inspire you, want the best for you, and uplift you? Or do you have a cage, instead?

Who’s in your heart? Having Jesus in your heart can truly bring you peace like no other. If you care a lot about others, that’s fine- so long as God remains #1.

Accountability is my personal favorite thing about fellowship, as I need it more than most. Having others to hold me to my beliefs, to help me when I’m feeling down, and to walk with me through different chapters is a huge blessing. I hope you are all able to connect and fellowship during this time.

For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.

Matthew 18:20

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