Wahiawā Botanical Garden

Enjoying one of five of the City & County of Honolulu’s gardens

Wahiawā is located in Central Oahu. This district has a plateau or “central valley” between the two volcanic mountains that comprise the island of Oahu. Historically, the area is the piko, or center – holding significant meaning.

Native Hawaiian culture was very focused on understanding nature, reflected by the place names that continue to grace the islands today. Wahiawā was where the Hawaiian royalty would have their children. The area is cool and peaceful, with a mystical feel.

Lakes and reservoirs are rare in Hawaii, and Wahiawa is unique in being surrounded on three sides by Kaukonahua. The town must be accessed by either of two bridges across the reservoir’s narrow north and south arms.

The Wahiawā Botanical Garden is a 27-acre forested ravine on a 1,000 acre plateau. Tropical flora that requires a cooler climate will thrive in this rainforest setting. Special plant colections include: native Hawaiian plants, palms, aroids, heliconias and gingers, tree ferns, and epiphytes.

There is a Self-Guided Tour, as well as lengthier adventures, that guests can enjoy. The garden is one of five gardens that comprise the Honolulu Botanical Gardens operated by the City and County of Honolulu, Department of Parks and Recreation. Each site provides a unique botanical experience, displaying five differing climates of the island.

This post is not monetized and is simply a way for Elise Hatsuko to share a personal blog post. These photos are in no way commercial. Thank you to the City & County of Honolulu for creating beautiful botanical gardens for residents and visitors to enjoy free-of-charge.

If you do choose to visit, please do not handle the plants and never put any plant or plant part in your mouth. Some plants are poisonous and/or may cause adverse reactions. During your visit you may encounter slippery surfaces, loose rocks, falling branches, thorny plants and exposed roots. For your safety, walking shoes are recommended. Always exercise caution.

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