5 Year Reflection

+ all the SF sights circa 2015

Painted Ladies

I am grateful for Facebook and I need to be better about uploading pictures! I deleted my phone after getting my new one and lost a lot of stuff I should have uploaded. I know I have my Instagram archive but it just isn’t the same as doing a bulk FB upload.

San Francisco Chinatown

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do any fun touristy things quite yet. These pictures are from an externship camp I did at the St. Regis with some people I still love to keep in touch with. It’s crazy how quickly five years flew by – I feel like this was just yesterday!

Cliff House
Golden Gate Park

We enjoyed a festive New Years Eve in the City! We went down to the Embarcadero to watch the fireworks. There were so many people, I wonder if we will ever gather like that ever again.

I miss you, friends!

So fun to look back on a longer time frame. The last five years have felt really short, but a lot has happened. Time is a funny thing and I find it to be a helpful practice to review my progress over the last five years.

I mostly think about all my hair styles. Since I’m almost coming full circle.

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