Don’t Mind Quarantine w/ Vegan Food

Some of us kind of like this life…

I’m back in quarantine, since I have relocated to San Francisco. The City of San Francisco currently requires all to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival, unless conducting essential activity. It’s currently Day 2 of 10. No, I haven’t gone completely insane – yet.

I’m really lucky and happy to be in a quiet, peaceful setting after being in Hawaii for the last 1.75 years! Especially with all of the events of 2020, I felt claustrophobic and have much more space to breathe here. I really hadn’t left the Kingdom of Hawaii for a long time (even before COVID).

Since I’m back in the States, I’m discovering many of the modern marvels that were inaccessible to me back home. Like endless delivery spots! For my first meal in the city, I decided to order the Bowl Uno from Gracias Madre, which serves organic, plant based, non-GMO Mexican food out of Mission.

Some of you may know that I was vegan during my senior year of college, but decided to incorporate animal products back into my diet due to personal health reasons. However, I consider myself a “part-time” vegan and have essentially just reduced the amount of animal products that I consume on a regular basis. I feel like so many people believe that the changes we make have to be bold statements, and it’s great if they are (I really love animals as much as the next person), but I also think it’s super important to encourage small changes that will eventually snowball throughout society. We have seen this effect play out in institutions like One Meal A Day!

There is a weird feeling of safety that comes with quarantine. You’re not really allowed to do much, other than stay put. So I decided to do some stretching this morning and to glam. I’ve been getting back into the work groove, since I kind of took a holiday hiatus. I have been taking time to reflect on this year… I will be posting about goals and resolutions later this week!

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