NYE Breakfast: Dungeness Crab Omelette

I love that SF has an abundance of my favorite crustacean! 🦀

Although I had some blackberries from my grocery stash (thanks Prime Delivery), I decided to DoorDash a hearty breakfast this New Years Eve! I ordered from Lapisara Eatery, which is located in the Tenderloin district. Their style is Thai-American fusion.

I ordered the Dungeness Crab Omelette, which I cut open for your viewing pleasure. Dungeness (cancer magister) is a species of crab that inhabits eelgrass beds and water bottoms on the west coast of the United States. On average, it grows to be 20 cm across the carapace.

On a trip to San Francisco during my youth, I fell in love with Dungeness at Crustaceans – where they bring you a whole crab on a plate!

It seems that, since, the industry has faced a rocky road. When I visited in 2015, I was unable to enjoy this delicacy due to toxins. Currently, there is a negotiation standoff between fishers and wholesale companies, which is leaving the Bay Area without fresh Dungeness crab through the holidays.

I don’t really know if this crab was fresh, but it was mixed with asparagus and a light amount of cheese for a splendid delivery breakfast. It came with breakfast potatoes, sourdough toast (TY SF), and a good-sized side salad. + coffee and orange juice. Truly the full package!

All in all, it was a healthy, hearty meal. I’m so glad to be here because of the access to nutritious meals. I honestly don’t cook too much, though I do buy fruits and vegetables, so I appreciate The City taking care of me while I quarantine & work.

Another San Francisco Classic…

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