Movement Influencers to Follow

Because who doesn’t need this kind of content on their feed?

Parker Pilates – Los Angeles, California

I have followed Parker Pilates instructor, Betsy, for years now! A class with her is on my bucket list and I have actually learned so much from just her videos. She does a bit of cadillac work, as well as reformer work (as shown above). One of the best moments of my life was when she commented on one of my Instagram photos!

Melissa Wood Health – New York, New York

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg is one of my longtime favorite wellness influencers. Aside from posting about motherhood and movement, she creates a lot of content around her plant-based lifestyle. I have really watched Melissa grow and even followed her journey through a pilates instructor program years back. She does a lot of balance work, and has really gotten me into short flows (that add up a lot over time!).

Movement by MK – Chicago, Illinois

As I mentioned, I’m trying to introduce weights back into my workout routine this year. I recently started following MaryKate Schmidt, who has really awesome exercise and lifting sets on video. I’ll have to order a new pair of hand weights since I moved!

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