The 2021 Presidential Cabinet Will Lack Asian Representation for the First Time This Century

Executive Order 9066 was used by President Roosevelt to terrorize, wrongfully incarcerate, and steal from Japanese Americans

Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies – Statement on Biden’s Cabinet Nominations

Have you ever believed someone would do the right thing and they didn’t? What if that becomes a whole culture?

In a time much like today, at the turn of the Second World War, Executive Order 9066 was signed and issued by Franklin D. Roosevelt on February 19, 1942. This was in response to the Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese in December 7, 1941. This order required that all Japanese American citizens on the mainland be relocated to internment camps. These camps were in the desert, unfinished, and essentially outdoor prisons.

I had the chance to visit the Manzanar Relocation Site, which today is preserved by the National Park Services. It is in a dusty, cold area – where shelter would be key for warmth, health, and comfort. Here are some photos I took there, of what life was like for the internees – who were there for up to four years.

There was never any wrongdoing found by any Japanese American. In actuality, many boys left the “camps” to fight for the United States in the war. This “new normal” was how Japanese American citizens were forced to live under Democratic leadership. As they were held captive, their homes and lives were trashed, raided, and seized.

Imagine the mental health effects of this. Just seeing these pictures makes me hurt inside and this is why we MUST evaluate ourselves consistently to ensure this is not happening. There is no reason for us to be so forceful & keep traumatizing those in the criminal justice system. Prisons don’t work. I pray that God will keep all in peace, as so many books in the Bible were written from prison. God would never give us anything we can’t handle and works all things for good.

Japanese Americans have since been active in ensuring that this never happens again. To support causes like this, you can donate to the Japanese American National Museum.

He chastens & hastens His will to make known.

Unfortunately, in the past, we have seen the dire effects of racist group-think. To be quite Frank, I am unsurprised by the announcement that no Asian Americans or Pacific Islanders will serve in the incoming Democratic Presidential Cabinet. Luckily, Elaine Chao served the last four years as Transportation Secretary. The rollout of a new breed of Transportation will be making everything easier soon and is a part of the 2020 Tech Revolution.

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