Waking Up With Pine State Biscuits

Thank you to Allen Bartolome for the suggestion!

I woke up pretty hungry this morning so decided to walk down to the Pine State Biscuits location here in NW Portland. If you’re in the mood for a Southern meal, this is a great fast casual spot that is open with outdoor dining during COVID.

I decided to order the Reggie Deluxe, which is a fried chicken biscuit sandwich with sausage, bacon, and egg. It’s pictured here with the sausage gravy (they also have a mushroom gravy option).

I never feel guilty about having a hearty breakfast. Eating a meal that will get me through the day gives me the energy I need to tackle a “big” day. It’s not my go-to on a regular basis, but I can definitely appreciate its role in my life lol !

I’ve been posting about my vacation meals quite a bit. PDX has such an amazing food scene that it’s kind of hard not to!!!

Where else should I visit while in Portland?

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