Valentine’s Day In The Life (Shop)

Get ready for Cupid with our faves for the whole day…

Hershey’s Kisses


Make sure you stock up on this VDAY classic <3 I absolutely adore these pink kisses that come out when love is in the air!!

Heart-Shaped Waffles


Start your day off with some heart shaped waffles! Don’t forget a mug for your cup of joe – I love this one I’ve got from Magnolia.

YSL Lipstick


Get ready for the day with an amazing lip! This is one of my favorite days to showcase a fun lipstick or lipgloss 🙂

Pomegranate Seeds


For my morning snack, I’d have some pomegranate seeds. If I have time, I’ll harvest my own – but as I get older, I opt for convenience more and more. Pomegranate seeds is one thing I don’t mind buying and enjoying as a snack then and there! Healthy and sweet, it will give you the boost you need to get through the day.

I ordered these from Whole Foods delivery!

Love & Respect


Read up on relationships during the afternoon! Just like other commitments, relationships take effort. Why wouldn’t you want to educate yourself on best practices and work on developing yourself in this area? We love this book on how to cultivate a strong culture in your relationship.

Fairy Lights


Add some sparkle to your life. I have these battery-powered lights in my room! I keep these on when the sun goes down.

Disposable Camera


A disposable camera, with flash, will bring out the fun in any night! Capture your memories from this Vday. Support local film developers 🙂

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