Announcing CPB Tidepools, 1 of the best coworking spaces in Downtown Honolulu

CPB Tidepools by Central Pacific Bank opens up meeting rooms & a cafe space to the community

CPB Tidepools
CPB Tidepools

Nearing completion, the new Central Pacific Bank building is gorgeous! It features Hawaii-inspired multimedia art installations and a bleached aesthetic. Located on the lobby floor, CPB Tidepools is a coworking concept created by the bank.


A meeting place for small businesses, non-profits & entrepreneurs in Honolulu!

Kai nuu o Kanaloa

Kai nuu o Kanaloa – or “The Rising Tide of Kanaloa” – welcomes guests into the lobby of the building. This kinetic sculpture synchronizes with data wirelessly transmitted from ocean buoys around the islands. The installation’s instruments move precisely according to each wave’s height, period, and direction to generate a soundscape much like the ocean.

Representing the deep connection between Hawaii’s natural history and our digital future, this is symbolic of the blend of old and new. CPB Tidepools has a great sitting area – perfect for intimate meetings – as well as tables, conference rooms, and phone booths.

CPB Tidepools

Reserve a Workspace

Conference rooms equipped with teleconferencing capabilities.

CPB Tidepools is a Community Incubator

Meant to serve as a meeting place for forward-thinking people, Tidepools is a space for collaboration and inspiration. Perfect for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and advocates, this coworking space is completely free as a resource to the community!

There are two available conference rooms currently, with a third to be built, and two phone booths.

CPB Tidepools

The cafe space features a new Starbucks concept & Aloha Beer concept. This is the perfect place to meet over coffee or wind down at the end of the day. See another coffee shop I love.

CPB Tidepools

There is also a rotating art gallery featuring a variety of different styles of production. The pieces are for sale and benefit the arts at the local level.

I look forward to working here during the week from time to time. Thank you to CPB for this amazing community resource! It gets me super excited about the future of our Kingdom.

Aside from doing computer work & meeting with people at Tidepools, I’m also thinking about filming a podcast! What should I plan for my first season?

While you are in the area, visit…

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