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Congratulations to my beautiful hoaloha, Shauna, who just opened her Kailua Town location!

I’m sure that you’ve heard stories about COVID-made entrepreneurs. Fellow Richardson grad, Shauna Kahiapo, has an inspirational story for aspiring local, Native Hawaiian, and women business owners! An attorney who moved from private to solo practice, Shauna had been focusing on foreclosure law for the last five years. However, with the pandemic came moratoriums on foreclosures in Hawaii – which will likely continue for some time into the future. Having a family to support and bills to pay, Shauna knew that she needed to pivot her career during such unprecedented times.

Thus, from her family home in Waimānalo, Hale Pua Hawaii was born. After gauging interest for her hats on Instagram, and receiving an influx of sales, Shauna felt blessed with the opportunity to move into this new territory. She has since been shipping orders worldwide, opened her first storefront location for local pickups in Kailua, and extended her product offerings.

Hale Pua

Feel-good vibes, supplies & gifts crafted with aloha and sustʻāinably sourced

This morning, Shauna was feeding her horses before coming in to work with her daughter – and her brand elicits memories of Old Hawaii enmeshed with her unique island, equestrian, and chic style.

As a mother, she is a big believer in encouraging the next generation of female leadership to fashion their own lifestyles and to find the balance necessary for true success.

We are so happy to see Shauna living her dream, pursuing her passion, and expressing her creativity! When asked about her transition into being a small business owner, Shauna mentioned her legal background ultimately proved helpful as it had developed her problem solving skills. Dealing with various aspects of a family-run business, this has been crucial to her success as of late.

Stay tuned for more products from Hale Pua! Mahalo, Shauna, for our hats & for hosting us at your beautiful shoppe this morning! Can’t wait to see how Hale Pua Hawaii continues to grow.

Pikoʻole Pāpale Hawaiian Crownless Hat (Full Brim)

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