Invigorate with Dry Brushing

Here’s the one that I got on Amazon for under $5!

I’ve been feeling low energy lately and decided to do some self-care… I recently ordered this new body brush for less than $5 and since I used it, I actually have been feeling this crazy bloodflow, energy, and circulation for the past five minutes!

Dry Brushing 101

Dry body brushing is a method of body exfoliation that has been practiced for centuries in many different cultures. The brush’s bristles buff dry skin, exfoliating and sloughing off the top layer of dead skin cells. The texture of the skin is smoothed and the practice is said to energize the body, increase circulation and blood flow, and stimulate drainage from the lymphatic system. Added benefits are the removal of flakes and dry patches, and the evening out of lumps and bumps – including the appearance of cellulite. Exfoliation can also help to prevent ingrown hairs by clearing away the dead skin cells that can trap hair under the surface. Exfoliating should be limited to no more than three times per week, and once per week is even sufficient for most people.

The best way to dry brush is to glide the body brush over dry skin using gentle pressure and long, sweeping motions, moving toward the heart (feet to hips, hands to shoulders, etc.). Be very careful around more sensitive, thinner-skinned areas on your body. To clean your body brush, rinse with water, then hang to dry.

Dry brushing is not recommended for those with very sensitive skin or eczema, as it may cause significant irritation, redness, and worsening of these conditions. This is by no means medical advice, but simply the sharing of my own wellness practices. Please consult a doctor before making any lifestyle changes.

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