The Perfect Paiko Day

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Honestly, with views & weather like this, it’s hard not to appreciate the perfect days God blesses us with. I feel God telling me that everything is going to be okay.

Being in such a beautiful & serene place, you’re able to really feel the presence of peace! So many people have been telling me that there is anointing in the valley. There is life – there is abundance. There may not be a view like at the top of a mountain, but there is water, nutrients, and lushness. Being in a financially uncertain time, I definitely feel that despite the challenges God has provided over and above anything I could have ever wished for.

As we start another week of Lent, I am recommitting myself to my walk with Jesus. I think that this is something we really don’t talk about enough – how often we need to be renewed! It’s been easy to let things slip day-after-day, and truthfully I haven’t been living as closely to God as I hope to. I really want to spend more time in His word because I feel like I get so much out of it.

After such a powerful experience last weekend, I felt that the enemy was working to attack me and bring me down. Emotionally, mentally. But being able to turn to Jesus has really been the ultimate gamechanger… the only One who is able to calm me down & drape His love over me until I’m whole again!

This year, I feel God moving more than ever before. Last year, with the pandemic, we saw so many people renew their faith and restart their walk with God. However, I believe that the ripple effects of this have yet to be seen as we being to witness more family members, friends, and peers being saved because of the change they witness in us.

No matter what the enemy tries to do to derail us, let us continue to proclaim the glory of GOD in every situation… in imprisonment, during abuse, and while celebrating.

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