Being Alone Means Being With God

When God calls us to spend more time with Him, do we choose to lean in?

If you’ve ever gone through a season of change, I’m sure that you’ve quickly realized that your surroundings include the people around you. Whether you’re changing your lifestyle, moving cities, or starting a new chapter, a huge part of our lives as humans involves our friends and peers. With COVID, and the tightening of social freedom, many have had to give up social interaction for almost a year.

However, God uses everything for good, and I believe that He is using this time to develop you, to bring you into His presence, and to help you prepare in this season. In today’s life, with people having so many life commitments and responsibilities like their families, friends, and jobs, we are so interconnected. This is ultimately a good thing because we are meant to do life together and live in community. But have we gotten caught up in what is of this world, and even of this day?

How do you spend time alone with God? Do you make time for Him, or do you wait for Him to take hold of you? Having a relationship is a conscious decision that requires consistent effort and communication. I feel like sometimes it’s so easy to go a few days without talking to God, but it can be so detrimental! More than ever, as we reopen, we need to stay rooted in Christ and remember all that we’ve learned this past year.

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