Wonder Press – Boulder, Colorado

A juice bar & coffee shop dedicated to wellness!

Wonder Press is committed to improving the health of people & of the planet. They offer organic, cold pressed juice, nut milks & juice cleanses with a location in Boulder on Pearl Street Mall, as well as one in Denver.

The juice and coffee bar serves a variety of beverages, and the menu features:

  • Golden Latte: turmeric, milk, ginger, raw honey cardamom, shilajit, black pepper oil;
  • Reishi Cacao: house-made ganache (raw cacao powder, cacao butter, coconut crystals), milk, MCT & coconut oils, reishi, ashwagandha, cinnamon, vanilla bean; and
  • Dandy Coffee: caffeine free dandelion root, chicory, cardamom, chaga, lion’s mane, rhodiola.

All Wonder ingredients are organic, local, wild-harvested, sustainable, humane, and nutrient-dense. All of their packaging is reusable, compostable, and sustainable. Their juices are always 100 percent cold-pressed and raw. Love it <3

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