Happy Yak Cashmere

My new accessories that have kept me warm in the mile-high city!

I absolutely love socially responsible companies that are doing their part to make our world a more ethical place to do business and to be a consumer! I came across Happy Yak at a holiday market in Cherry Creek. They were having a sale on their beanies and socks, so I decided to get some!

Yak Cashmere

Made from 100% genuine Mongolian yak cashmere, Happy Yak’s products are designed to keep the wearer warm. Although sometimes referred to as yak wool, true yak cashmere is actually the fine wool that grows closer to the yak’s body.


Yak cashmere is only available from a few select places on the planet like Mongolia, Tibet and Nepal. These regions are perfectly suited to the yak. They live at a much higher altitudes ranging from 8,000 feet – 18,000 feet. The temperatures there can get as cold as -50° Fahrenheit in the winter and as high as 104° Fahrenheit in the summer.  


Yak has a luxurious softness that provides unparalleled comfort. It also has a number of performance benefits:

  • It adjusts better to high heat and humidity and can be comfortable in literally any climate.
  • Naturally hollow fibers allows it to capture and retain 40% more warmth than merino.
  • Yak cashmere’s superior heat properties allow the socks to be lighter weight.
  • By weight, yak cashmere is 7 – 8x warmer than merino which means you’re getting more heat out of lighter weight garments. That’s science, not witchcraft.
  • 30% greater breathability means better heat regulation during any type of activity.
  • Better moisture wicking capabilities means faster drying and no damp swamp foot.
  • Natural UV protection.
  • Anti-microbial and odor resistant which means no stank unlike synthetic fibers and cotton.
  • Naturally water resistant means that less chance that splash in a puddle or spilled iced coffee will soak those precious tootsies.
  • Naturally smooth fibers when viewed under a microscope as opposed to the jagged merino wool fiber. This means a softer fabric with less chemical treatment to soften.
  • Naturally dye-free. Yak cashmere comes in a variety of shades of brown, gray, black and white but it can be dyed other colors.
  • Naturally resists wrinkling and static.


Happy Yak’s business seeks to help herders maintain their traditional nomadic lifestyles. They give back 3% of all their profits and products back to further conservation and community involvement both locally and abroad.

Respect for the Planet

Yaks live in some of nature’s harshest, most remote and most untamed regions. This raw, wild beauty is fragile and threatened. Happy Yak strives to maintain, support, educate and encourage an environmentally sustainable business that lives in balance with the world around it.

Respect for the Animals

Yak cashmere is only available at select times during the year. Because of this, Happy Yak products are unique season-to-season. Unlike the merino industry, yak cashmere is not grown on industrialized, corporate farms that pump out product year round.

Respect for the People

Happy Yak believes in community improvement both locally and abroad. They help to bring a source of economic stability to communities by buying straight from local herders. This means better quality, better product, and better lives.

I loved learning about how this company is making a difference while creating awesome products! I can’t wait to see what they come out with in their next round of production…

The perfect book for the mountains…

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