Exile Kitchen – Denver, Colorado

A great place for brunch, right next to the Capitol.

I love the Capitol Hill neighborhood! The Colorado State Capitol is beautiful and the area is filled with a diverse group of people.

The Story

Exile Kitchen is a concept by Chef Colin Mallet. Chef Colin is a Cajun chef that was raised by Cajun women in Cajun country. Over the past 10 years, he has been the head Chef and co-owner of Sassafrass restaurants and Exile Kitchen is his first venture as 100% Chef-Owner. He developed a love for the cuisine of his culture at a very early age. His fondest childhood memories are of he and his family gathering around the kitchen while his mother, grandmother and aunts prepared classic Cajun dishes for the family to feast on. Chef Colin is now sharing that passion for Southern cuisine with you and your family.

From Acadia to Colorado

Exiled from Nova Scotia in 1755, French Acadians fled to the lush and fertile lands of southern Louisiana. Resilient, tough and resourceful, these deportees settled into their new life preserving the tradition of living off of the land. Their rural French fare slowly evolved into a melting pot infused with African-Caribbean, Native American and Spanish influences. The result was a deeply hearty and intensely seasoned style of cooking, known today as Cajun cuisine. Chef Colin Mallet was pleased to bring his Acadian roots and passion for food to Colorado, resettling at the foot of the Rockies with the same resilient and resourceful spirit as his ancestors.

I absolutely loved my meal and hope to return! The Capitol Hill Bookstore is located next door, but they were closed for construction. I look forward to exploring this neighborhood more deeply!


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