Recipe: Mellow Yellow with atōst

Make this cocktail featuring atōst’s citrus apéritif.

I was walking around Cherry Creek’s holiday market when I was invited to do a little tasting by atōst. I couldn’t say no!

See what else I got at the market.

During the tasting, I was able to try all four of atōst’s flavors – all of which were great! I also tried them mixed with different carbonated beverages, and was also able to sample a cocktail!

Based on how much I enjoyed the mixed drinks I tried during my tasting, I developed this simple drink recipe! I hope you enjoy. This is the perfect cocktail for ringing in the new year, or for getting ready. My friend & I love drinking this while we do our makeup & hair before a night out!

atōst Apéritivos: Golden, Colorado

The Citrus favor was my favorite of atōst’s flight (though it was a tough call). atōst’s mission is simply to blend together the very best of wine and spirit, creating a liquid we can actually enjoy, together.

Reduced Sugar

The creators, the Pressmans, decided to bridge the gap between wine and spirit through revolutionizing the largely unknown world of aperitifs. They found that most aperitifs were overly bitter and loaded with sugar. Thus, they set out to create their own one crafted specifically for the modern drinker – using only the freshest ingredients and a fraction of the sugar.

Farm to Bottle

Each atōst flavor begins with a base white wine made in their Golden, CO winery. They then blend their premium grape spirit with the freshest fruits, herbs & botanicals to create a truly flavorful spirit unlike anything you’ve tasted before.

atōst skips the ‘natural’ flavors and infuses only real, whole ingredients into their spirits, creating truly unique and delicious flavors.

My friend had some Flying Embers Pineapple Cayenne Hard Seltzer so we experimented with using that as a mixer and it turned out great! These can be substituted for whatever you have on deck, but this was a fabulous flavor combination.

They call me mellow yellow (quite rightly)


  • atōst Citrus Apéritif
  • Flying Embers Pineapple Cayenne Hard Seltzer
  • Ice

You can substitute out the alcohol. Or even try making your own hard seltzer.


  • Add ice to a wine glass.
  • Add apéritif.
  • Top with hard seltzer.
  • Enjoy fizzy!


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