Konovalenko: Gem Carvings of Russian Folklife

This exhibit at The Denver Museum of Nature & Science needed its own post!

If you have not seen my post on The Denver Museum of Nature & Science, it was such an awesome time! While I was there, I came across this amazing art exhibit – Konovalenko: Gem Carvings of Russian Folklife.

These beautiful characters and scenes are tiny sculptures made of colorful gems. Although I am only sharing a few of my favorites, I spent a decent amount of time taking in these little carvings and the stories they hold. Which do you like best?



Shoes: gold plated silver, cacholong

Pants: zebra jasper

Shirt: jasper

Jacket: shungite

Hat: cacholong, tiger eye

Face & Hands: Beloretsk quartz

Hair: tiger eye

Eyes: sapphire

Balalaika: gold plated silver, enamel


Seat: amethyst, agate


The Mower


Pants: agate

Undershirt: quartz

Shirt: beryl

Belt: ruby

Buckle: silver

Face, Hands & Feet: Beloretsk quartz

Hair, Eyebrows & Moustaches: rutile quartz

Eyes: sapphire, gold

Cap: black jasper


Ground: rutile quartz, gold plated silver

Rye: rutile quartz

Scythe: gold, silver, gold plate

In the Sultry Afternoon II


Body: Beloretsk quartz

Bathing suit: lapis

Hair: quartz rutile

Eyes: sapphire


Pool: agate, gold plated silver

Table: petrified wood

Umbrella: gold plated silver, enamel

Samovar: gold plated silver

Cup: cacholong

Season all your grain offerings with salt. Do not leave the salt of the covenant of your God out of your grain offerings; add salt to all your offerings.

Leviticus 2:13

Bread and Salt


Hat: jasper

Face: Beloretsk quartz

Hands: Beloretsk quartz

Eyes: sapphire

Hair, beard & mustache: gray quartz

Shirt: jade

Buttons: opal

Pants: banded jasper

Socks: white quartz

Shoes: gold plated silver


Ground: pyrite

Tray: enamel

Bread: calcite

Bowl: banded onyx

Towel: white quartz

Salt: white quartz

Bowl: metal

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