Honolulu Coffee Experience Center: Discover Hawaii’s Roast

The Honolulu Coffee Experience Center is a fun space that features education on coffee!

Honolulu Coffee Experience Center

There are so many new coffee shops on the island! I met here with a friend from law school to catch up since it has been a few years.

Honolulu Coffee Experience Center

Honolulu Coffee Experience Center

Honolulu Coffee‘s flagship location is a 9,000 square-foot coffee lover’s paradise. The Experience Center opened in 2015, and was built with the goal of bringing the community the full farm-to-roast-to-cup coffee experience. 

At the Experience Center, located on the outskirts of Waikīkī, you can witness the coffee-roasting process and learn more about different coffee-producing regions. They also serve a number of baked goods and acai bowls!

See another coffee shop I love that has locally-sourced beans.

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