Exploring the Beautiful Union Station Near Denver’s 16th Street Mall

Union Station is a bustling area in LoDo with vibrant eateries and shops!

Union Station is an honest-to-God train station. As a transport hub, it houses a number of food and shopping outlets. Bloom by Anuschka is a home lifestyle boutique with a few locations in Denver, including one inside the Station. Just outside, in the bustling area of Denver’s LoDo district, this landmark is surrounded by vibrant eateries and shops!

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This is a great neighborhood to walk around and explore, with a number of hotels in the area for those looking for accommodations in Denver. Close to the 16th Street Mall, you will experience urban life in the Mile High City! Although I did not stay in the city, it was nice to be in this urban setting for the day. I found parking on the street, but there are also parking lots open to the public.

Although I was not catching the train, I decided to pay Union Station a visit – and it really is a destination in and of itself.

History of Union Station Denver

Built over 150 years ago, the old Union Station helped put Denver on the United States’ map. The Station brought in booming opportunity for the city during the glory days of train travel in the 1920s. Following airline and automobile travel’s growing popularity, the old train station was on the verge of being torn down.

However, in 2012, a collaborative development alliance finally sealed the deal on a multimillion-dollar renovation plan. The visionary behind the revitalization, Dana Crawford, is an urban preservationist who kept a keen eye on moving into the future – while preserving the landmark’s past.

The result, unveiled in July 2014, is a vibrant gathering place. In an expression of love for Colorado, Union Station brings together so much of what the state is known and adored for.

Source: colorado.com

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