Mayan Llanera: 3 Breakthrough Illustrations that Empower Women

Custom illustrations by local artist Mayan Llanera are meant to empower wahine with aloha!

Mayan Llanera

I have been finding some of my favorite artists on Instagram recently. After coming across her page, I decided to reach out to Mayan Llanera Art & Design because I especially loved the work that she is doing to empower wahine (women). Her illustrations of mana wahine are not just beautiful, but inspiring and uplifting. What I especially admire about Mayan Llanera’s work is her ability to see and highlight the beauty in others.

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Mayan Llanera

Mayan Llanera is a Hawaii-based artist. She is an accountant by day & an artist by night. She draws and offers art prints to those who love Hawaii, whether they be locals or visitors. Mayan Llanera’s website offers beautiful island-inspired prints along with her custom artwork. I just love how her designs incorporate our island culture!

What Mayan is doing with her portrait work, as well as her words, is truly spectacular! I care deeply about empowering women and helping them to develop positive self-esteem, and recognize the role art plays in this. As women, we are meant to see and portray ourselves as God sees us… beautiful, perfect, and whole.

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The world would love to convince us that we do not fit the mold. But that is only because we were custom-made by our Lord. We are meant to love ourselves so that we can love others. In a world that wants you to develop self-hatred, find a way to care for and connect with yourself. Self-care can mean honoring your self-concept and physical appearance.

Honor your beauty with a custom illustration by Mayan Llanera.

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