AGAIN… in LoHi Opened in Late 2021 & Makes Sustainability Glamorous

Again… is a relatively new consignment shop in Denver where you can find some of my clothing.





11am to 6pm

Check Instagram for updates on their hours!



AGAIN… brings clothing & closets to life

Again… by Wendy Silveira Steinway is a personal stylist, closet organization company, and resale boutique based in Denver, Colorado. They bring clothing and closets to life again, and their consultants specialize in guiding humans of all ages and genders to their unique feel-good style.


I met Wendy when I happened upon Again… during my time exploring the LoHi neighborhood. I was so excited to learn that she has consigners to help her source the clothing, shoes, and accessories featured in her boutique – and I am pleased to announce that I am now one of them!

The experience at Again… is so personal and fun! Wendy is knowledgeable about the local designers that she features, and the themes in her shop inspire you to try different styles. I love that she has a vast array of vintage items, as well as preloved clothing. Her boutique seems to have something for everyone, and her pieces are timeless and sustainable.


Upcycling is for Everyone

Vast amounts of water are needed to produce clothes, and the fashion industry is responsible for 20% of global waste water and 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. You can choose to shop for recycled or upcycled clothing in order to reduce the environmental footprint of the fashion industry. You can also donate your used items to be recycled at local thrift stores or consignment boutiques!

From clothing to food, you can implement sustainable practices today.


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