Lānaʻi Painter, Mike Carroll, Features an Exciting Gallery of 25 Local Artists & Artisans

Mike & Kat Carroll showcase Lānaʻi-inspired artwork at their gallery.

Mike Carroll Lanai
Mike’s workstation where he showed me the oil painting of koi he was completing.

Mike Carroll Gallery

Red Machete by Mike Carroll

Lured by the splendor of the Hawaiian Islands, Chicago-native Mike Carroll moved to Lānaʻi in 2001 to pursue his life-long passion for art and nature. His original oil paintings and prints celebrate Hawaiʻi and invite the viewer to explore her enchanting beauty.

Lānaʻi City

Lānaʻi City
The gallery is located in the heart of Lānaʻi City.

Mike and his wife, Kat, opened a tiny “starter” gallery in 2002, and moved around the corner to their current location in 2004. The gallery is a working studio, where Mike paints (when he’s not in the field). The historic plantation-style building features Mike’s paintings and prints as well as the paradise-inspired work of 25 other artists and artisans.

This is one of the main buildings – and establishments – in the area, located around the town square next to the pharmacy. You can’t miss it! Even if you are just making a daytrip, this is a great stop for browsing and shopping. They have great cards, jewelry, and smaller items for picking up little gifts that will remind you of this beautiful island.

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Sylvia Berges - Lānaʻi Stags & Rags
Sylvia Berges – Lānaʻi Stags & Rags

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