HERstory through the ARTS: 35 Artists Inspired with a Women’s History Month Exhibit

HERstory through the ARTS, by Curator MaryAnne Long, showcased art by local women for March 2022 at The ARTS at Marks Garage.

Ilima Flower by Debra Casey

I am so grateful that I got a chance to meet with the curating team on the closing day of this exhibit! MaryAnne Long & Elizabeth O’Brien did an amazing job showcasing the work of local women with their inaugural HERstory through the ARTS. I am so excited that they plan to make this an annual occurrence for Women’s History Month. It is always so inspiring to connect with other empowered & beautiful women!

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HERstory: Curator’s Statement

HERstory through the ARTS
Curated by MaryAnne Long. Assisted by Executive Director Elizabeth O’Brien.

Over the past few years, I have met so many talented female artists, many, of whom, have become great mentors and friends. I thought having an exhibit of all female artists would be a fun and worthwhile project.

When Elizabeth O’Brien asked me to help her curate a show about women for Women’s History Month for the ARTS at Marks Garage, I seized the opportunity and HERstory through the ARTS was born. We have been overwhelmed by the response – wow, the talent that is out there. We have more than 100 pieces in a wide variety of media and sizes, including several three-dimensional pieces.

We are pleased to present excellent work by 35 female artists, from some whose works hang in museums to teenagers in their first show. Ladies, you are making art HERstory!!!

HERstory through the ARTS

HERstory: Participating Artists

  • Florani Camacho
  • Debra Casey
  • Jodie Chock
  • Liv Deeley
  • Laurie M Freed
  • Tara Keanuenue Gumapac
  • Jada Harris
  • Lynda Hess
  • Jeddie Kawahatsu
  • Shannon Kerner
  • Suzanne Hamdi Keyser
  • Cathryn Lau
  • Inessa Love
  • Rebekah Luke
  • Yvonne Manipon
  • Santa Moreno
  • Emi K. Omori
  • Gene Pao
  • Danielle Rush
  • Moriah Salter
  • Cynthia Schubert
  • Hannah Shun
  • Rachel Solis
  • Emese Somogyi
  • SURFJOY (Jenn Armhold)
  • Eve Teraoka
  • Marcia Timboy
  • Nevada Tribble
  • Dawn Ustach
  • Claudia Wallace
  • Cecily Wang
  • Katie Williams
  • Yayoi L. Naito Winfrey
  • Frances L. Wong
  • Fae Yamaguchi
  • The Feminist Club at James B. Castle High School
Radiance by Danielle Rush

Featured Artwork

The exhibit was featured in the Windward Midweek.

Here is a deeper look at some of my pieces and artists that were featured in HERstory! This show was also able to raise thousands of dollars for the arts community, which is fabulous.

Liv Deeley: From Japan to Hawaii

From Japan to Hawaii by Liv Deeley

Liv Deeley is currently a junior at Kalaheo High School and focuses on humanitarian themes within her art. She also likes to channel explorations of identity and culture through portraits. I love that this piece ties together the samurai and plantation eras, which prompted the migration of the Japanese to Hawaiʻi.

Fae Yamaguchi: Earth at 3AM

Earth at 3AM by Fae Yamaguchi

Fae Yamaguchi has been painting for the last ten years. Before that, she was a video artist and created live action shorts with puppets. She now paints bears in odd places where they should not be. Lately, Yamaguchi has been adding ducks – and now a cat – to her menagerie of mysterious, yet strangely familiar, creatures. Yamaguchi also teaches art to children through the Hawaii State Art Museum and Downtown Art Center.

Dawn Ustach: At Sea Creations

Dawn implements a range of artistic methods to create work which both explores the beauty of her home and helps protect it. Using primarily unwanted items, she saves materials from Hawaiʻi’s landfills and gives otherwise discarded items such as plywood, bouquets, frames, mistinted paint, and more, permanance. I absolutely love this concept and appreciate the way it pays homage to local foliage.


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