SF Restaurants: 3 City Spots to Love

SF restaurants I featured on my blog post from 2016…

One of my friends recently asked me for restaurant recommendations before their trip to San Francisco! It took me back to a post I did on a now-defunct travel blog I started after my trip in 2016. That was such a fun time, food touring SF restaurants with some other externs. I am putting together more city guides & would love your feedback! Do you prefer shorter or longer guides? Sadly, I have lost some pictures and files throughout the years… but I will try my best to catch up!


North of the Panhandle, this was definitely my favorite place to eat in San Francisco! The atmosphere was very lively, since it’s kind of like a wine bar. We got a bottle of wine and I ordered the bolognese, on a rainy night, which was TO DIE FOR.

SF Restaurants

Brenda’s French Soul Food

This Louisiana style restaurant was AMAZING. The atmosphere was so good and the food was phenomenal. Make sure that you Uber here since it is not in a walkable location.

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Mama’s On Washington Square

This was my favorite brunch spot, although with a LOOONG wait. I don’t know if I’ll ever return here, but I am definitely glad that I got to try it at least once. The crab Benedict was amazing, but my favorite thing was their blueberry pancakes which tasted like a slice of heaven. Keep in mind that if you go here there will be a 1-2 hour wait (and if in a big group you might have to split up).

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