PRML is Now at International Marketplace

A locally-owned boutique, that started as a popup in Ala Moana, recently moved into a new home in Waikīkī!

The owner, Jordyn, showcases PRML’s new space.

PRML is a locally-owned boutique that opened a little over a year ago as a pop-up shop in Ala Moana. Initially hoping to open for just a month, the pop-up stayed in its space at Ala Moana for a year. Deciding to transition into a more permanent location, PRML recently moved to the second floor of International Marketplace – just outside of Saks.

While in the shop, I had the chance to chat with the owner, Jordyn. I took tumbling classes with Jordyn back in my cheerleading days, and I remember her because she had the most on-point V-up! She is now a mom, bookkeeper, and store operator.

Jordyn is a fearless female entrepreneur who opened this boutique with no prior retail experience, but has leaned on her personal experience as a shopper. She has a really cute selection of clothing and art that you can check out next time you’re at International!

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