Coco Bloom Kitchen: Healthy Sando’s + Sides

Coco Bloom Kitchen is a new Japanese spot that serves healthy lunch combinations!

Coco Bloom Kitchen is located next to Times near St. Louis. Committed to helping others live healthy lives, this new Japanese cafe is trying to make healthy eating more accessible.

Coco Bloom

Coco Bloom

Coco Bloom proudly provides energizing meals, free of additives and preservatives, because that is the most energizing and natural way to eat. They use fresh local and organic ingredients, health-conscious cooking methods, and traditional Japanese seasonings to create delicious, fun, and healthy meals. Their methodology is that what you eat now will shape your life in the future.

Coco Bloom
The Egg Sando with Ratatouille

This place has so many options for sandwiches and sides. They feature a homemade style and traditional Japanese seasonings – like shio koji (salted rice malt) that is very beneficial for the intestinal system and has the power to boost the immune system. They also have vegan and gluten-free options, while adding no white sugar to their food.

I really enjoyed my lunch & cannot wait to go back so I can try more of their menu items. See more healthy food on Oahu!

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