Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2022: Roads to Reconnection

April 2022 events in partnership with the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa…

Thank you to UH Women’s Center & PAU Violence for hosting these SAAM events.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and this year Elise Hatsuko partnered with The University of Hawaii to raise awareness about this important issue. The first fair on April 6th featured a number of community partners and service providers doing work in this space. They included the Sex Abuse Treatment Center, Hawaiʻi State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and Hōʻola Nā Pua.

Many of the tables were raising awareness through exercises and games that the students could engage in. Music was provided by KTUH’s DJ A.i.T.! Campus police, the Title IX office, and the confidential advocate were all there too.

Sexual Assault Awareness
DJ A.i.T. from KTUH

Sexual Assault Awareness

Learn more about sexual assault.

Sexual Assault Awareness

On April 14th, student organizations set up to engage with their communities and further raise awareness about this issue on campus. We were able to set up a table to hand out free copies of The Status of Women & Holistic Wellness!

Sexual Assault Awareness

It was such a great opportunity to connect with so many students and promote prevention and a thriving lifestyle. Thank you to my fabulous volunteer, Ava! I also loved some of the activities that the other groups had – like making stress balls and playing corn hole!

Sexual Assault Awareness

Thank you so much again to everyone who attended the fair and to all who helped raise awareness through these two events. I want to especially thank Chris & Malia of PAU Violence & The UH Women’s Center for including me in their events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2022.

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