Mokuyobi: A Rad Little Tokyo Shop

Take a look at the super rad Mokuyobi store in DTLA with me!

upstairs store

I had seen Mokuyobi on Instagram & noticed their store when I was in Little Tokyo! I decided to check it out and I’m so glad I did! I loved their products, and really enjoyed experiencing their brand personality (& there’s so much of it).

Mokuyobi in Little Tokyo


Mokuyobi is an accessories company located in Los Angeles, CA that offers well-made Bags, Hats, and Iron-On Patches in exciting prints and color blocks!

fruit fanny packs

I love this unique and vibrant store in Los Angeles, California. It is a haven for those who love to find unique and colorful items that express their individual style. From fun and colorful t-shirts, to stylish accessories and bags, Mokuyobi has something for everyone.

Fanny Pack Wall

The store has a unique and eclectic selection of items that include vintage patches. I ended up getting a dragonfruit bag, patches, and some other goodies! If you’re looking for something truly unique, Mokuyobi is the place to go.

window reflection selfie

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