Choosing Light Over Shadows: A Reflection on Loss and Blessings

God’s abounding supply can never be threatened.

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Welcome to the ELISE.LOVE blog, where we explore topics that nurture our bodies, minds, and spirits. In today’s post, we delve into the resilience of faith, the transformative power of shifting perspectives, and the profound truth that God’s love exceeds any earthly loss. It’s a powerful testament of the abundant love and care God has for us, even when we feel let down or betrayed. So, let’s dive in and uncover the Way to overcome our losses through God’s boundless blessings.


My friends, I find myself musing about a pattern that has repeated itself in my life – the severing of relationships with toxic individuals only after they’ve robbed me in some way. It’s a bitter cocktail of pain, betrayal, and realization. But it’s the realization, I believe, that leads me to the crux of this discussion: it is through these experiences that I’ve come to appreciate more profoundly the boundless blessings we receive from our Heavenly Father.

The Battle Against Betrayal

I recognize that there is a certain Roman-like revelry to it all, that after they crucified Jesus they put on His clothes as a trophy. After all, the flaunting of stolen goods, whether it be a jacket, pair of sunglasses, or money, can feel like salt in an open wound. The urge to retaliate or seek reparation can come on quite strongly.

Falling into the Enemy’s Trap

However, as I step back and contemplate, I am struck by a revelation. It is only when we magnify our losses, when we paint them as gargantuan, that we feel the deepest sting. Are we not then falling into the devil’s trap? Are we not allowing our gaze to be distracted from God’s generosity by focusing on our losses?

Shifting Perspectives

By shifting our perspective – a little nudge from the Holy Spirit, if you will – we realise that whatever was stolen from us is minor in comparison to what we have been blessed with. Picture this: the devil stole a $500 pair of sunglasses, but how does that compare to the abundance that God has bestowed upon us day after day, year after year?

Counting God’s Blessings

God’s blessings are innumerable and profound. They are the love of family, the kindness of strangers, the joy of a new day, the beauty of creation, and above all, the redemption through Jesus Christ. They far outweigh any material loss we might experience.

Choosing Light Over Shadows

So, we are at a crossroads. We can dwell on what the enemy has taken from us, or we can shift our gaze toward the blessings we continually receive from God. It’s akin to standing in a brightly lit room and choosing to stare at a dark corner.


Therefore, let’s make the conscious decision to fix our minds on what is holy, righteous, and praiseworthy: Our Bountiful Father. The one who loves us unconditionally, who blesses us in ways we sometimes fail to see, and who promises to restore us even when we feel broken.

I hope this reflection encourages you to choose light over shadows. Let your losses serve as lessons, not as weights dragging you down. Remember that every sunset is followed by a sunrise, and every loss is succeeded by countless blessings. Trust in the Lord’s plan and let His love fill your hearts and minds.

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