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“Centuries later, Leon Battista Alberti developed his ideas further, seeing beauty as an objective quality of buildings to be found in their proportions.”

Elevate your business with content that converts…

What’s Included:

  • Daily Management & Organic Growth Marketing
  • Content Creation & Planning
  • Analytic Tracking

Daily Management & Organic Growth Marketing:

  • Managing your brand’s Instagram account on a daily basis
  • Creating a content calendar
  • Posting prepared content to your account
  • Interacting with your audience to create organic relationships
  • Optimizing your profile with appropriate key words to increase organic traffic to your page

Content Creation & Planning:

  • Developing a personalized content calendar
  • Creating and editing various pieces of content that fit your brand’s vibe while ensuring your target market is reached. These pieces of content can range from graphics and pictures to reels.
  • Each piece of content will be structured and planned out in your calendar to ensure a cohesive aesthetic is apparent on your page. The calendar will be easily accessible to you.

Analytic Tracking:

  • In order to continue your growth and make sure your marketing goals are being met, I will be tracking your KPI’s and analytics on a weekly basis. This generates feedback on what is working and if any changes could be made to the marketing strategy.
  • An analytic report will be shared with you at the end of each month.

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