Queen Emmalani

Acrylic + paper on canvas

Elise Hatsuko


Queen Emmalani is a captivating piece of mixed media artwork by Elise Hatsuko, a Japanese and Okinawan artist based in Hawaii. Created with meticulous detail at the Glen Workshop 2023 in Queen Anne, this abstract acrylic pour painting on a canvas of 18 x 24 inches is further enhanced with printed and recycled paper elements. The artwork pays homage to Queen Emma of Hawaii, a significant figure in Elise’s life, as she founded the school that instilled in Elise her faith and the church she currently attends. The Queen also left a legacy in the form of the hospital where Elise overcame her battle with cancer. This piece is not just an artwork; it’s a personal story intertwined with Hawaii’s rich history, making it a heartfelt addition to any collection.


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